"Every time I get the opportunity to help others,

I have always been helped. Everyone of my clients has been a gift, and they hold a special place in my heart." 
- Candace Katsaros

Candace is a sweet friend of mine and such a gifted reader and painter. She is truly guided by her intuition without ego and her reading held many confirmations for me as well beautiful insights to help me along my path. There is no doubt that I would get another reading from her. Thank you Candace!

Paulina S.

I've known Candace for a couple of years and I have nothing but wonderful things to say about her! She's an amazing soul. It is always so awesome talking to her. As per energy work and Astrology charts She really knows her stuff!! I trust her completely and recommend anyone who feels pulled to working with her!

Carolina M. A.

I have worked with Candace through many different healing modalities and have had huge shifts on my path with every session. She is highly intuitive and has the most gentle energy that always makes me feel safe and at home. I am so grateful for Candace and all of her many gifts that she shares with the world.

Jessica M.